Technical information

1. General
New unit ;:LXE10E was launched in 2001.
Main features: Scroll compressor (Daikin-Made) with R134a
Suction modulation control with new controlle

2. Parts compatibility with LXE10D
3. Service Port
New unit has 5 service ports,which 1 port in low press.side and 4 ports in High press.side. One of 4 ports of high press.side is Low-press port which is located at discharge piping from Compressor.(See service manual)

4. Automatic pump down.
New unit has no manual valve for avoiding compressor damage due to valve mis-operation. Unit has automatic pump-down function.(See service manual)

5. On demand defrost
6. Quick Pull-down defrost
7. Initial SETTING PROCEDURE for Spare Controller
8. Calibration of electronic recorder
9. Judgment range under the PTI control
10. Alarm due to disconnection or insufficient conneection of cable
11. Disconnect controller power supply connector (CN5: red colored) in emergency operation.
12. Cut the OC setting jumper when replacing the PT/CT board.
LXE10C(A), LXE10D-(A), LXE5C
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