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Container Refrigeration Service

Dedication to customers with providing promptness, reliability and kindness
We believe it is our fundamental duty to help our customers generate more profit by providing the best refrigeration machinery and field services through our worldwide service network.


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Service App is available for Android and iOS devices (smart phone/tablet).
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Apr. 2018  24/7 Service Support
24 hours / 7 days Service & Support (24/7 Service Support) has been now available.
Call the 24/7 Service & Support whenever you need our advice or support.
TEL: (+61) 3-9448-9680

What’s New

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4 Aug. 2023 Training seminar
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Nov. 2022  DIL Head Office moved to brand-new Building
Refrigeration division was moved from the old head office to new head office in brand-new building on 14 Nov. 2022, and business has started there on the day.

< New address >
Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South, 1-13-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka,
530-0001, Japan

Jan. 2022  New Parts Center started in Europe
IRS Internation B.V. started spare parts business from Jan. 2022 in Europe.

For more detail information, access to
Contact / Regional Parts Centers / IRS International B.V.

Oct. 2018  Daikin Active CA available for your service
Expand your choice of business with Daikin Active CA

Unlike passive systems that rely on the cargo's respiration, Daikin Active CA injects N2 rich gas into the container, which "Actively"
reduces the O2 concentration and manages the CO2 to its optimum level of the container atmosphere.
Aug. 2018  Open New Parts Center in Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town parts center started its operation under management of IRSI Dubai.
For contact detail, access to
Contact / Satellite Parts Centers / IRS International Pty.Ltd.(Contact to Order)

Sep. 2016  Open New Spare Parts Center in Dubai
Dubai SPC (IRSI-Dubai) will open on Sep.5, 2016 to cover Middle East & part of Africa.
It will bring huge benefits to all Shipping Co./ Local Dealers/ Other Customers in this area.

Feb. 2015  New Parts Center established in Miami
From February 2015, Daikin has a new parts center at the Rava Group Container Services premises in Miami, USA.
Now customers can expect faster delivery of parts in east coast region, where demand for parts is highest.

For more details, access to
Contact / Satellite Parts Centers / RAVA Group Container Services, Inc.
Feb. 2015  Daikin CA (Controlled Atmosphere) System launched
A fast-working, economical and highly reliable unit that creates a controlled atmosphere inside refrigerated containers transporting perishable goods.
For more details, refer to ℃ Newsletter Spring 2015.

Customer Focus

For more details, refer to the latest ℃ Newsletter.
Autumn 2019 / Asia Fruit Logistica 2019
Daikin Reefer Team visited Asia Fruit Logistica in September to showcase Daikin Active CA technology on our stand.
Autumn 2019 / Chiquita places order for 500 ZeSTIA units.
Reliability and easy operation of the ZeSTIA confirmed on trials, and also the performance of Daikin Active CA evaluated
Spring 2019 / Seaboard Marine decided to add an additional 310 ZeSTIA units.
Following on from their first order of 400 ZeSTIA units in 2016, all of additional 310 units were fitted with Daikin's Active CA.
Autumn 2018 / Chiquita places order for 500 ZeSTIA units.
Reliability and easy operation of the ZeSTIA confirmed on ZeSTIA trials, and evaluated the performance of Daikin Active CA
Spring 2018 / Tropical Shipping orders 500 Daikin units.
500 ZeSTIA units decided to place an order after finished 5 ZeSTIA units on trial
Spring 2017 / Dole orders for three consecutive years.
Dole has selected ZeSTIA model by leasing additional 100 units in 2016 so that the total of 375 ZeSTIA units will be soon operated.
Autumn 2016 / Hapag Lloyd has placed an order of ZeSTIA.
750 ZeSTIA units were delivered in Nov.2016.
Autumn 2016 / Fesco has successfully completed ZeSTIA trial for 18 months.
The door approaching to Fesco opened for future successful deployment of ZeSTIA units in Russia market.
Spring 2016 / NYK invests in Daikin Active CA
100 LXE10E with Daikin Active CA system ordered for 40ft high cube refrigerated containers
Autumn 2015 / Hamburg Sud gets ZeSTIA unit
3,000 new 40ft hi-cube reefer container fitted with new ZeSTIA units launched
Spring 2015 / United Arab Shipping Company places a first order of LXE10E units
2,000 LXE10E-H model fitted with USCA containers
Autumn 2014 / CMA CGM has bought 7,000 new reefer containers
1,000 of them are eqipped with Daikin's ultra-reliable LXE10E "G" model
Spring 2014 / Dole Tropical Products Latin America gets ZeSTIA unit
25 new 40ft hi-cube reefer container fitted with the ZeSTIA units launched
Spring 2014 / ConGlobal acquires LXE10E series
ConGlobal Industries has made its first purchase of LXE10E units
Autumn 2013 / Dole Asia gets ZeSTIA unit
400 new 40ft hi-cube reefer container fitted with the ZeSTIA units launched
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